Monday, 28 November 2011

Toshiba plans for 3D TV without glasses

Toshiba will start selling the big screen 3D TV without glasses for the year 2011 and expects to start marketing the innovative device beyond its home turf of Japan, said Tuesday. The Japanese conglomerate has also announced an ambitious goal for a third increase in sales of its television unit for the beginning of the fiscal year in April, to 20 million.

Toshiba, whose products range from appliances to power plants, has already launched 12-inch, 20-inch versions of 3D TV without glasses in Japan. The need for special glasses is considered one of the main factors that hinder the sale of 3D television, but rival companies said the angle of vision without glasses technology is too restrictive.

Atsushi Murasawa, Product Manager for visual products, said at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas on Tuesday that the reaction has been favorable to the plan. The company will show prototypes of 3D TVs from 56 inches to 65 inches without glasses, and probably at CES the launch of two models, a more than 40 inches and 50 inches longer.

Toshiba makes the LCD screens in-house for its smaller models of the 3D TV without glasses, but the company said it would need to work with an external provider for large screens. The company also sells televisions capable for using 3D glasses with the usual, such as those offered by competitors such as Sony Corp., Toshiba aims to increase sales of television in developing and earnings by 10 percent of U.S. television market , compared with about 7 or 8 per cent currently.

For me, this is a good news for 3D fan!

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  1. Yeah, they barely got in for 2011 by selling their new auto-stereoscopic TV’s the second week of December in Japan an the U.K.. I was reading an article about how Macy’s used the Bellagio’s 9 piece screen for their window display and it was a big hit. I think the glasses free 3D is necessary to make this a viable market for the future and I can’t wait until it is affordable. For now I am focusing on HD and I have the most HD channels to choose from with my DISH Network service and HD DVR. I have it set to HD only and I love the difference of picture quality on my large TV. Even though I’m an employee I’m not the only one that gets the HD free as all customers that sign up do which is a great benefit.