Monday, 16 January 2012

Panasonic TX-P50GT30B 3D Plasma TV Review!

Panasonic TX-P50GT30B belongs to the class of latest 2011 GT models which has been tinkered in certain areas. It is visible right from the appearance up to the technology incorporated. A few interesting tit-bits of the TV and which has been revamped from the previous model is listed below,
  • The panel is based on the Neoplasma display technology whereas the previous models are based on the NeoPDP. The characteristic cosmetic and performance oriented advantages are cleaner bezel, and rapid switching phosphourous. Owing to the incorporation of such phosphour, it can actively control the crosstalk and the afterglow effect.
  • Secondly, the display is constructed using the recent version of the Infinite Pro Black Filter which reduces the effect the surrounding light and actively reproduce deeper blacks
  • The aesthetic level is increased by immersing the design with elegancy and contemporary look.
  • Viera Cast internet feature is replaced to the latest Viera Connect platform
  • Last, but not the least the GT30 family has been scrutinized for THX certification including the 3D viewing.
  • The power consumption is also admirably good owing to the Neoplasma display technology and are not practically higher than the LCD models of the comparable size.
In other words, Panasonic tries to deliver critically good essence of the VT30 product line but at a relatively cheaper price.

Panasonic TX-P50GT30B TV has all the exciting features of the modern television but at the affordable market price. The 600 Hz sub field fast switching phosphorous renders good image quality in both the 2D and the 3D content. The Infinite black pro display deeper black and controls the glare occurring on the face of the panel under ambient light environment. The Viera Connect contains a few internet applications but are essential ones. Finally, Panasonic’s Neo Plasma technology provides the changes in the plasma display and along with the THX certification the television has great expectations to be met.

Amidst the claims made by Panasonic as the energy efficient and THX certified television, 50GT30B stays closer to delivering good performance. Neo Plasma technology has shredded the myth of high consumption plasma technology by creating energy efficient system. In continuation with the same, the neo plasma has taken care of the image quality of the 2D and the 3D content respectively. Despite the claims made by Panasonic with respect to the 50Hz material, it still can be improved. The easy to use navigation and the addition of Remote Apps so as to upgrade the Apple mobile phone as remote control is a good thought and can see the potential of extending in other phones also. To summarise, it is a good television with the right features and also renders good viewing experience.

Panasonic TX-P50GT30B 50″ 3D TV – Technical Specification Table
Model NamePanasonic TX-P50GT30B
Display size50 inch
Display TypeG14 Progressive Full-HD NeoPlasma
Dimensions (W x H x D)1,177 x 718 x 58 mm
Weight25.5 kg
Contrast TechnologyInfinite Black pro
ResolutionHigh Definition
Picture ModeTHX, Dynamic, Game, Normal, Cinema, Photo, Pro 1 &2
3D eye wearNot included
3D Colour managementAvailable
Viera ConnectAvailable
Game ModeAvailable
Input/ Output
USB HDD/SD card recordingAvailable
HDMI port4
21 pin Input/ OutputAvailable
Lan PortAvailable
Headphone JackAvailable
Speakers2 speakers ( each 2*10W)
Virtual surroundAvailable
Warranty5 years

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