Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Sony Bloggie 3D you must with 3D TV

I was skeptical about this little camera that is designed to convert digital video in 3D, especially because I could not imagine that translate well with my TV 55" Samsung 3D. First of all, I was not sure of the compatibility between Sony Bloggie and Samsung Technology. Secondly, the poor video quality always seems worse when enlarged to 55". And finally, I read some reviews that said the LCD screen to look back video, as old-style figures that came back to take "action", and would not 3D fake cheese.

But I tell you now: do not care simulated 3D pixels on the screen, once you see on your TV. The Sony Bloggie 3D is not perfect and has its drawbacks, but I enjoyed it so much with a camera since I got my first camera back generation. Even if you can work in 2D, I see no reason why, if your main goal, because there are fewer options. It is better to close with Kodak PLAYSPORT Pocket HD Video (Black) or Flip Video Camera UltraHD.

The Bloggie comes with a short USB extension cable and a belt. If you want to see what 3D on your TV, you will also have a mini-HDMI to HDMI. I bought AmazonBasics High Speed ​​HDMI Mini-HDMI cable with Ethernet (6.5 feet / 2 meters), but any brand is fine, up to a final mini-HDMI (for the camera) and HDMI for the TV with high speed. (The old HDMI cables can not support the need for a more 3D.) The camera does not come with a case or bag, so you might have something to protect the lens. The Bloggie has a removable battery and must be loaded via the USB port.

The camera has two lenses side by side, to stereoscopic video. The body is much thinner than the Flip UltraHD and this is a feat. The record button is the right amount of sensitivity. The 4x zoom can be used only in 2D mode, even if the zoom is more powerful than the Flip UltraHD, the results are more coarse. The menu on the screen takes a little getting used to, even if the use becomes easier. Moving from 2D and 3D, you must press a button, and we are grateful.

Without glasses-LCD screen, as it shows how the video will be on your 3D TV, provides an idea sure what you have. The tripod mounting hole is on the short side of the camera, requiring a vertical positioning of the camera, unfortunately, you can take pictures only with 3D landscape. The camera is smart enough to know the direction, so it feels, if it is not possible to obtain 3D images in this way and adjusts the on-screen menus so you can.

The software provided with the decreased bone Bloggie. Also cut the ends of a video is not intuitive. And weeks after receipt of Bloggie, I'm still trying to install a firmware upgrade on my iMac. You can not view or edit the video in 3D using a standard video editing, because the camera takes two separate images that are combined into a file with the suffix. Although you can convert any video format MP4 3D to 2D, which can then be changed. Fortunately, the software allows you to move Bloggie 3D video from your computer that stores in Bloggie library, once the camera for playback on 3D TV.

If you do not have the necessary software and DVD burner, you can record videos in 3D on a DVD for later playback. Everything must be done through the blog, which makes the mini-HDMI cable crucial to the usability of 3D video home. It easy to share videos taken in 2D with Facebook, YouTube, and looking for special icons at the top of the software. I do not understand why the software does not allow me to combine clips into one movie that I can then read my blog. For me it is a major omission.

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