Sunday, 12 February 2012

Glasses-free 3DeeScreen augments Windows 7 displays, lets Peter Gabriel get in your eyes

Glasses-free 3DTVs sporting 4K resolution don't exactly match up to the everyman's budget. Still, the tech needs to trickle down to the masses somehow and it appears Spatial View's keen to take up that three-dimensional, plebeian mantle. Available today, the outfit's inventively titled 3DeeScreen snaps onto 15.6-inch laptops of the Windows 7 variety to translate ordinary 2D images and video into autostereoscopic eye candy. And, unlike prevailing iterations that depend upon strict viewing zones, this ad hoc implementation can adjust to a viewer's position through the use of eye-tracking software, letting their zombified heads loll about while they tune in and drop out. Of course, if you choose to plunk down $130 for this visual pizzazz, you'll be jonesing for a library of compatible media. Good thing then the company's prepared to scratch that imaginary itch with a planned one-stop hub, dubbed 3DeeCentral, that'll offer up a curated mix of free and paid content. Need to know more? Then peruse the official presser below while you wonder how the other one percent lives.

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