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Now! TV Can Do More Than You Think

Now, I do regular TV can do more than you think. Responding to the entertainment and information technology policy. Only high-speed Internet connection directly to the TV. It also has a 3D imaging system that enhances the viewing experience more like this then please. Good to see that the new technology. What's the TV can use.

Rip the rules of TV by 3D TV, It is not only the traditional 2-D image, which is a wide and long, but 3D TV  works by simulating the sense of depth by using the fact that We look at things. With an eye on the two sides separated by a 3D TV was invented, based on the distance of the human experience. The viewer sees the image in a new perspective. In television, it looked like the images seen by the naked eye quite a lot these days and Sony has developed BRAVIA LCD TV Full HD capable, the sharper the image. Experience in 3-D entertainment is delivered directly to your home today.

Internet Video & Google TV
There is also a television, which combines 3D technology with all the Sony 3D LED TV with Internet TV that allows us to watch your favorite video from various video sites. Also known as Video Streaming directly to your computer through the hassle anymore. Using a wireless connection instantly with Built-in.

Using Internet Video function, viewers can select the speed interface to the Internet has two levels: 1 Mbps for video viewing. SD (Standard-definition video) and 2 Mbps for video viewing. HD (High-definition video) and can enter the name of the video you want. Through on-screen keyboard, touch directly with BRAVIA. For sites that have lots of video to 16 sites like Youtube,, podcasts, wired,. Myplay,, or a function that lets you run Internet Widget Widget or clip. videos from different sites. Superimposed on the viewing screen on the fly.

There are also technologies that are hot, which is Google TV, the latest technology combined with the potential of TV entertainment. In search of powerful Google search engine developed jointly between Sony and Intel to get the favorites in the near future, it is only the key name you want into the Google TV will display a range of broadcast time. and links related to that item, the user can also use the Internet on the TV screen with ease.

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