Saturday, 4 February 2012

The Sony Bloggie 3D Camera, Slick and Comfortable

Cisco when he closed the door on its Flip product back to the beginning of this year, fans of the little camera of mourning. But a small video of dedicated device is not always easy with Sony Electronics - Bloggie. There are four varieties of Bloggie, which captures high quality video and allows you to easily share photos and video.

The device comes in basic, Duo, Touch and 3D, which range from $129.99 to $249.99, respectively. I tested the Duo Bloggie, which on the shelves in late March. It has a front camera, to capture without guesstimating awkwardly. But with increased competition from smartphones, I was curious to see if the Duo is worth forking over $169.99.

The video quality is impressive. You can choose between full HD (1080 30p), HD Sport (720 60p) or HD (720 30p). Sony's goal is also integrated, which helps when shooting up close, as in the case on a sheet of paper. This was important for me, especially after the frustration of the quality of confused with flip-up close, also known as a fixed point. However, the autofocus works closer to four inches. Attention has been strong and intact, I honestly do not think it was possible with a small device.

The Bloggie was invented only for what you'd expect. This is where the front camera support. Andy Bubalo, Director of Business camcorder Sony Electronics, said he had received comments from many bloggie who say it is "critical" to catch them in the frame. For example, wanted to record the guidance of his sports car. He was able to mount the suction cup Bloggie. In this way, you might able to get what he needed in the frame, as it does the gearbox and the front windshield. I have not done a blog intense, but is useful when photographing friends and family, kitchen or getting some shots on the nature.

If you use Bloggie software, sharing is easy. Using the USB connector, just drag the video to say, Facebook or YouTube. But if you want to do a job edit the video, a few more steps involved. You still need to transfer video to your computer and use a video editing program, iMovie, because the software only allows Bloggie define the start and end points.

The Bloggie also a LED light that illuminates the video in dark places. I captured the video of my dog in the night with both the blog and turn on the way back. The streets were dark, but lit with my bloggie. I was in the dark with the flip.

The camera also features a "dual record" feature that lets you take photos while shooting video. Equally important is the special unit has been the ability to route and battery life. The Bloggie Duo has 4 gigabytes, enough capacity for up to two hours of video. My videos are not in a duel with applications, e-mail and photos on my smartphone.

Sony Bloggie is worth it? Yes, but only if you need a certain level of quality. Before addressing the Bloggie camera can be critical, high-quality shots and the ability to quickly transform almost have been pleasantly surprised. LEDs also allows the option of video night. But if you really want something more professional, then the Bloggie has some limitations. And if you're a beginner you will have fun, stick to your smartphone.

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