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Toshiba 46WX800U Awesome 3D TV - Just Set It Right

I have a Samsung 3D DLP TV 61 inch for the living room, now we move to a new home. My wife want flat screen TV for the bedroom. Her budget is about $900 for a good HDTV. But I told her that at this price level may be moderate quality TV.

Until I found this Toshiba 3D TV. The 46WX800U compared the performance it seems to be no less than $2000, but since it is the market a long time. Its price has been reduced more than half. The old blu-ray player use well and we use 3D active shutter glasses really good. I would like to explain in detail below.

1. Ordered the 46" model on the 15th and requested the delivery on the earliest date of the 22nd of March. You will schedule a date and time so you will be home when it arrives, usually a week.
2. I got a little anxious and downloaded the owner's manual. You should really skim through it because some of the negative reviews here could have been avoided if they read it.
3. Pilot freight arrived and tried to give the television to my neighbor. Thank god I walked outside because the creep would have signed for it and I would have had a monster dispute on my credit card. I told the pilot guy, "it that supposed to go to my address?" He said, "oh, sorry about that." He carried the TV into my house after noticing the correct address and asked if I wanted to take it out of the box to ensure it worked. Since the box had no damage and it had to go upstairs, I declined because the box was in great condition. I had to sign a paper indicating I did not want to test the television and he said that the 30 day guarantee was still fine, it would just delay the return by a day or two if there were any problems.
4. The box is pretty big and everything was packed well. The box weighed about 65 pounds and was long -you may need help to set this up. The assembly instructions and tools are included for the stand. Spacers are included for wall mounts. Assembling the screen to the stand is alright but you should do this while the plastic wrap is still covering the screen on a soft surface. Once you plug it in and hit the power, it may take a few seconds to turn on so don't worry.
5. Setup guides you through everything but the applications aspect, just hit the widget button to set everything up. It is not too complicated but anyone without good PC experience may run into problems. My firmware was the most current except for the widget software. Have a computer handy to make accounts and set up features like Pandora and Netflix.

-The TV is sharp, picture quality is great, and daytime viewing is excellent. I went to Walmart to pick up a stand the day prior and looked at cheaper models. It was comparable to the $1000 LG model but offered the 3D option through the promotion, making this the best priced 3D LED LCD flatscreen on the market right now.
-The wireless is fast but setup may have issues, explanation in tips.
-The black levels are great, if you have dynalight on. I will talk about this more below in the tips section.
-The streaming through DLNA works great but there is a con there too, I will get back to that in the tips section as well.
-The sound does not travel too much outside of the room. It is great for bedrooms. If you are a sound buff that wants bass, get a tuner and speakers.
-Component connections are ample and positioned well.
-The Netflix, Blockbuster, Vudu, and Youtube options can save you the expense of another $100 device to buy and manage.

-You can still see some reflection on the display in bright rooms. It is not as bad a some televisions but if I focused on it, it was there.
-Some of the setup options may be a bit complicated for some users. Please review the manual because it can save you a lot of hassle. When setting up options, remember to look at the bottom 1" of the screen for options that are detached from the main option screen and it can be missed easily.
-The television was a little crooked on the stand even though the holes lined up. The only fix is to set it on the floor and loosen and re-tighten the hex screws again.
-The widgets can be a little complicated. I still have not found a way to remove some of them that I do not use. You can easily remove the ones you downloaded but items like flicker are permanent.
-Netflix does not give you the advanced genre features like the PC, PS3, XBOX, Roku, and other devices. I would like to see the selection categories and hope they add it in the future. I like the fact I do not have to turn on and control and additional device to watch it but it will only allow you to see your instant queue.
-The wireless access point search ran for 5 minutes on me. I had to power the TV off and on again before they would show up in the assisted setup list.

3D quality:
I currently have a Samsung 61" DLP with checkerboard 3D ready and the quality of depth is amazing through a PC. The depth is incredible and was so inciting, it got me into the 3D generation. The problem there is the setup; I had to buy a kit for $150 to get it to work and it is limited to the power/options/games/software that your PC has with very limited device support. So far I have only tried this Toshiba with the PS3 and was not happy with the gaming results, however, the movies looked pretty good with medium depth. I did see very little ghosting on the video but Killzone 3 was absolutely horrid. Motorstorm was at best "OK." I read that since the power on the PS3 was limited, it cut the resolution of the 3D games in half and ghosting is a game was a big issue. So please don't expect to get something great from a gaming console. I don't know about the XBOX 360 but hopefully, it will not be the same case. If you want to get the most of your 3D with this, use a PC with software like Tridef (they have a 14 day trial) with at least a DX11 video card with 1GB of RAM. I upgraded from a ATI Radeon 5750 to a Radeon 6870 and can play Fallout New Vegas at 1080P with all setting max with a pretty good frame rate of 40FPS average. If you have an earlier card and want to see some really good, jaw dropping 3D, play Half Life 2 with the Tridef software trial. It is what 3D is supposed to be.

This 46WX800U 3D LED TV is a really good product. And worth the price. It is compatible with the Toshiba computer screen, allowing you to do anything more. 3D is great for work, but you have to pay a little more money to buy equipment. I was very happy with this purchase and expect the TV to last at least 10 years. So, for $ 10 a month you could end up with a really nice piece of equipment that will give you years of enjoyment. I was really excited about this and. this is my first, real, in-depth review. I would have appreciated this before I bought it and hopefully it will help you in making a choice for a premium product for a bargain bin price. Hey, just go look at the prices of. other 3D TVs and you will see what I am talking about.

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