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Toshiba 55WX800U 3D LED TV For Gamer Reviews

I was the one who likes to play games. Even today that not have much time to play it. Today's game was gradually made ​​to play behind in 2D or 3D. For gamers to play in 3D game is new exciting and more fun challenges than 2D games.

Of course, in addition to play 3D games, you will have use more device that supports 3D games, the key is that 3D TV and 3D glasses your TV. And you do not want to the game lag by your 3D TV because of the performance of 3D TV complain.

Today I will write to Toshiba 55WX800U 3D LED TV because when I read many reviews, I find that most of the points in terms of clarity of 3D images and display are high level and I will put a review of one gamer to even consider it. I hope that it will be useful for gamer who are looking for a good 3D TV for playing 3D games. Here are some reviews of it.

The picture clarity on this 55WX800U TV is amazing, the 240hz really makes a difference! I am using a PS3 as this TV does not have 2D to 3D converting.

I have played four 3D demo games and 3 of the 4 had a significant ghosting, even after trying to switch the 3D modes (top-bottom, side-side). You still get the 3D effect; but if I had to choose between playing in crisp 2D and double visioned semi 3D, I would choose to play in 2D. The 4th demo called Super Stardust HD had no ghosting whatsoever and in one word the graphics in this game was simply breathtaking! I suspect this is because this games does not have a wide array of depths like the other demos (2 racing, the other is a block game).

Also, there is a slight input lag while in 3D game mode. This lag is no where near as severe as when you are not in game mode (ie auto, movie, sports) but it is noticeable. This can be particularly detrimental when you are playing fighting/action games when perfect timing is crucial. As of right now (December 2010), Prince of Persia is the only 3D action game I know of(I have not played this game in 2D or 3D). The easiest way to see this lag is with the Move controller. When you are moving the controller from left to right (not particularly fast), the screen will show the controller to the right when the physical controller is already to the left.

One thing about the Move controller is that you will always see a brightly colored floating orb reflection on this 55WX800U TV. Learn to ignore it. There is nothing that can be done about the beautiful gloss finish.

A small note about this TV being an edge lit LED TV: when the screen turns all black, the upper middle portion of the TV is not as dark as the rest of the TV. This is not a problem during actual game play.

All in all, this 55WX800U TV is huge, slim, has almost blur free images (still cannot compare to a plasma, obviously) and has great invisible speakers. The ambient light sensor is great, no excessive eye strain! Even if you don't use the 3D features, the picture clarity and the price are unbeatable (in my totally "unbiased" opinion).
 In my opinion, I think that Toshiba WX800U series LED 3D TV is appropriate for play 3D games very much whether 46WX800U or 55WX800U. But remember that when playing 3D games or watching 3D contents to find 3D glasses that combine your TV, if you are not sure, try to find information in this blog. ( Active 3D glasses for Toshiba WX800U )

If you try to play 3D games with other new 3D TV that please share common opinion as well to be good for gamers.

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