Saturday, 31 March 2012

LG BD670 3D Wireless Network Blu-ray Disc Player Reviews

If you like the best in Full HD 1080p and access to  unlimited entertainment, you can find it from this  BD670 Network Blu-ray Disc Player with Smart TV Access integrated with Wi-Fi Connectivity,
you will have  the movie is a thousand stories, Apps, Shows and online videos that will serve to your HDTV at your home from your wireless Internet connection. this is a Blu-ray disc player that will deliver entertainment and content for you in Full HD, even when you are happy with the free and the others.

- Enjoy 3D Blu-ray Disc movies in Full HD 1080p
-  Smart TV enables an easy way to access limitless content, thousands of movies, customizable apps, videos and browse the web all organized in a simple to use interface
- Integrated Wi-Fi Connectivity allows you take advantage of Smart TV from any available Wi-Fi connection
- Standard DVD Up-Scaling delivers exceptional image quality from standard DVDs with 1080p up scaling via HDMI output
- Dolby Digital Plus lets you experience all of the enveloping surround sound that Blu-ray Disc, high-definition (HD) broadcast, and streamed and downloaded media make possible

First of all I have a Iomega Home Media 1 TB Network Attached Storage 34337 and I've ripped all my DVD's to it. Lots of kids movies, TV shows, etc... and I wanted them all to be playable on my TV. After a disappointing run in with a Samsung "DLNA capable" Blu-ray player I had to find something that actually worked. While researching the failures on the Samsung device I read rave reviews about LG products, though this model was newer than any of the ones I read about I jumped on it.

So far so good. Not only does it playback the DVD rips I've made, it plays Blu-Ray movies beautifully without the menu lag the Samsung had.

So far I have two complaints, which prevented a 5 star review - or things around it more specifically:

1. On the box it claims this device can be controlled with an Android app. I downloaded the app the day I bought the player, turns out the app was updated three days before I bought my player, the previous version of the app works for everyone, the new version only works for a very small percentage of the people who've tried it, I haven't found enough data to conclude why it works for the few people who can use it.

2. The LG app store is very lacking in available software and has issues with not being available on occasion. I have not tried Net Flix or Vudu so I can't review those.

I am a rather advanced tech, I can answer questions if there are any, and I do have a monitor with HD capability and a HDMI in if anyone has questions that requires me to experiment with HD, I just don't use it as a TV since it's 24"s is still no match for my Dimatron in the living room.

I left the useless remote control software installed on my phone so I would know if LG ever decided to update/fix it. They did. It works great now! Nice remote control interface, I wouldn't exactly call it precision, but it is nice and face it, if the control is in your pocket you're less likely to lose it (or have a kid lose it for you) like the normal remote.

ALSO, I noticed an option, I'm not sure was there before the last firmware update or not, to allow for "streaming from network". I enabled it, it finally works exactly the way it should as a DMR, I sent media from my NAS drive to the Blu-Ray player using UPnPlay on my phone. I also streamed media directly from my phone to the player using iMediaShare. I'm going to play with it more later, I'm sure I can control it and even make a play list with VLC on my Linux systems, I'll test that later. :-)

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