Wednesday, 25 July 2012

About 3D Televisions

- What creates the famous 3D tv today?A 3D TV is a TV set that uses the method of three-dimensional (3D) as a demonstration of multi-view capture, stereoscopic capture, 2D-plus-depth and 3D display system which allows the system to watch tv to surf the original 3D area. Some well-known manufacturers in the 3D TV market is the New Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic and Philips.

A Brief History Of 3D Television It was in the late 1890's that William Friese-Greene, the UK Film innovator, propose a specific procedure for 3D films. Blend the two images created by the mind when the film is considered stereoscopically, develop an understanding of the 3D level.

The first stereoscopic 3D TV by John Logie Baird confirmed on 10 Aug 1928 in property companies in London, England, UK. Various 3D TV using a strategy developed by Baird electro-mechanical and cathode-ray tube. Last year, the channel tv show 3D serial uses the same innovative technology used in 3D movies.

Knowing the 3D technology Producing and displaying 3D moving images are made possible by several methods. The most basic requirement of technological innovation suggests separate matched filtered image with left and right eye. The most popular method for getting these demanding visitors to wear glasses that will narrow filter iterpisah images to each eye and allow directional lightsource to divide the image into the eyes of visitors, requiring no glasses.

A commonly accepted method to capture and generate 3D video stereoskopi. This strategy is noted in the installation of multiple pairs of stereo-view. The digital cams, mounted on each side, similar to the range is divided between the individual as you.

There are 3D-ready TVs. This means that TVs are able to manage the 3D function, as well as 2D functions, along with LCD shutter glasses and set-top box. 3D-ready TV to inform the eye shutter glasses you have the perspective of the images displayed at this time, thus developing a stereoscopic image. Meanwhile, the full set of 3D tv which was developed for consideration in a darkened room to allow the depth of the image.

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