Monday, 8 October 2012

Philips Ambilight 47PFL9664/12 47 Inch 1080P Full HD LCD TV REVIEW

The Philips Ambilight 47PFL9664/12 47 Inch 1080P Full HD LCD TV
The Philips Ambilight 47PFL9664/12 47 Inch 1080P Full HD LCD TV

The Philips 47PFL9664H is top of the line LCD TV with many features and enhancements. Some may be surprised by the price tag, but true television aficionados may select 47PFL9664/12 for a superior viewing experience

Ambilight Spectra 2, Perfect Natural Motion, and Pixel HD are some of the features that make the Philips Ambilight's picture so pleasing to the eye With an impressive 1920 x 1080p Full HD resolution, the 47PFL9664/12 model is an ideal companion for high-end gaming and video content. The Ambilight even includes a sharpness enhancer for Standard Definition content, though viewing anything below full HD on this television seems criminal!

The superb progressive scan and lightning fast refresh rate are the result of the 200 Hz display. Brilliant color, bold blacks and excellent brightness and contrast are also features of the 47PFL9664H. The Ambilight renders a remarkably smooth and crisp image as well. A low-quality image looks even worse on a large screen than it does on a small one, which is why the Amibilight's picture quality is so important. Do your eyes a favour and treat them to a dazzling visual experience every time you turn on your LCD TV.

The 47" display is chicly surrounded by a thin, handsome black encasement. One possible drawback to this thin design is the lack of side or front inputs; all connections are located on the rear of the television, including five HDMI ports and a USB port. However, the side panel does have a set of fancy touch controls. The 47PFL9664/12 also lets you connect to the Internet or your LAN via ethernet and wi-fi connections. Using the NetTV function, you can easily watch YouTube or browse the Internet freely. More and more media content is being streamed over the internet, so this type of connectivity is likely to be even more important in the future.

Even though the 47PFL9664H is an excellent TV, some have staged various criticisms of the model. The question is, is the Ambilight worth the additional moneyall When comparing the 47PFL9664 to the Phillips 47PFL7404, there are differences in color and picture quality. In addition, the refresh rate is only 100 Hz, half of that of the 47PFL9664H, which yields a noticeable difference in the motion between the two models. This motion processing can be manually adjusted on the 47PFL9664H, which means that the owner can select just the way they want it to look and feel.

In the end, its the extensive set of features and enhancements, both large and small, that make the Philips 47PFL9664H a superior LCD TV. Added features and fine-tunings like extremely smooth motion, wireless capabilities and top-notch color are important in an LCD TV, and are what make the 47PFL9664 great. While an uninformed consumer may not understand the benefits of these enhancements, most will comprehend why it is worth the price difference for the Amibilight.        

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  1. I saw this model of Philips in a store a couple days ago and it looked awesome. SO I’ve been doing some research to make sure it’s worth dropping that kind of coin on. One of my coworkers at DISH was actually the one that pointed me toward Philips to begin with by constantly raving about his TV. So I think I’ll definitely be picking one of these up. I need a couple of new TVs now that I’m finally getting a Hopper whole-home DVR. It’ll send all my high definition channels to every room, which makes it seem kind of pointless to keep these old SD sets around at all. Having HD in every room is going to be a life-saver! Ever since we upgraded 2 of the rooms to HD, the family always seems to end up fighting over the TVs in those two rooms. No one wants to settle for one of the SD sets, LOL. Once I have new TVs and the Hopper in my house, that won’t be an issue anymore.