Sunday, 11 November 2012

Hisense T770 takes thin-bezel 3D TVs to the masses from $800

Hisense T770 takes thinbezel 3D TVs to the masses from $800
We've seen a few TVs with thin bezels in our time -- some affordable, some not so much -- but they usually sell at prices that have many of us turning to less than elegant screens. IfHisense has its way, the lines between higher style and lower budget will blur with the unveiling of its T770 series. The 42- and 52-inch sets in the range both have extra-narrow 7mm bezels yet cost an entirely reasonable $800 and $1,200 respectively, according to a spokesperson. For the cash outlay, the two TVs share the common foundation of a 1080p LCD with edge LED lighting, active shutter 3D and 120Hz refresh rates. They likewise share a quartet of HDMI ports, WiFi and the seemingly obligatory local media support through DLNA sharing and USB. Although Hisense might not lure some viewers away from bigger or simply more elaborate screens once the T770 is in stores sometime in the undefined near future, it may have given us a friendly reminder that interesting design and sane prices don't have to be mutually exclusive.

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