Thursday, 7 March 2013

Samsung UN46D8000 3D LED HDTV Every Bit As Good

All of the Smart TV from Samsung ar the art deep for entertainment, The Samsung UN46D8000 3D LED HDTV sizes 46 Inch. For a commitment strongly in the development of 3D TV to reach the highest image quality and complete connection.

The Samsung UN46D8000 46 Inch 3D LED HDTV has occurred with any modern design, the capabilities of the art by Samsung One Design bezel is slender as come for visual impression of more screen, less frame and Samsung's cinema-quality 3D technology brings realism to be displayed in 3D movies and TV programming. buy a 3D TV from Samsung is definitely worth it.

Two pairs of 3D glasses included in boxSamsung Smart TV3D HDTVFull HD 1080p resolutionAuto Motion Plus 240Hz with Clear Motion Rate
I saw this 3D TV when I walk into a department store and I decided to buy it on the same day. When TV came up with one word that I say Wow! and now I have to get more information from Samsung's website, where it was felt that the motivation cost for me for purchase of Samsung TV in this year, because I have not found any problems. (I probably would not use it much).

The black level is wonderful. For the 3D effect are cool and I have to leave this is my first 3D TV, I saw a film in 3D in some theaters but I've never had that experience at home. For features that are included with this TV is great, I like the added NAS support, it works really great. I have a Synology NAS and when I connect it at the first time on my home network the TV detected my NAS and listed it as Synology. I would little comment about DLNA, it is no User Interface in graphic art or pictures for the movies, however the titles show will work just fine.

Pros: The level of black color and normal HD programs are crisp and clear, it does not make me tired eyes for watch it, with a small bezel making it perfectly compatible with the wall of my house. The features for it to be perfect and many others.

Cons: Exceptions are the remote, I want to remote control like iPhone, I think the keyboard is still too small for me. I want this more than a little bit port connection whether it is HDMI, USB or Optical port.

However, the overall picture of all of this 3D TV. I was very happy with it and I think that within 1 to 2 years, I still get the fun of it, certainly. I give it a full five star rating.

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