Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Best cheap digital TV deals with 3D channels

Customers who have 3D TVs at home are in for a treat – there is no need to break your piggybank to get the freshest three-dimensional content. Here are our picks of the best digital TV deals which give you access to 3D channels.
Sky+ Entertainment Pack & Broadband Lite & Talk Weekends
If you order this great digital TV bundle today you get Sky TV half price for 6 months. This exciting cheap deal also includes a free HD ready Sky+ box which will give you the ability to view content on demand and enjoy catch up TV for up to seven days, not to mention Sky’s very own 3D channel packed with beautiful feature films and documentaries all in stunning 3D!
Sky+ Entertainment Extra Pack (with 2TB Box) & Broadband Unlimited Fibre & Talk Weekends
This great digital TV deal includes Sky’s most powerful set top box ever: the 2TB box (Terabyte). A terabyte is roughly 2,000 hours of music recorded in high quality. This means that the digital TV possibilities are endless; enjoy on demand content, stunning HD and immersive 3D channels, catch up TV among other exciting features. This cheap digital TV deal lets you be in charge: you can record, rewind, forward or pause live broadcast. As with the previous deal, if you order it now, you can get Sky TV half price for 6 months!
Is digital TV with 3D channels a package for me?
If you are not sure whether 3D is something you should get, why not ask our independent experts? Simply call on 0808 256 6606 and our friendly team will help you compare, find, sign up to or even switch to a cheap digital TV deal that’s right for you.

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