Saturday, 6 April 2013

Samsung's massive S9 4K TV up for pre-order this month for $40K

Despite some very nice plusses, $40K is a little to rich for our bloodRelated storiesSamsung's 85-inch 4K TV gets predictably eye-watering price tag3D with glasses is dead and 4K won't sell, says HBO tech chiefToshiba rejoins the UHD TV party with L9300 series

When Samsung unveiled its massive range of S9 Ultra HD 4K TVs at CES earlier this year, it conceded that the 95- and 110-inch models would never actually go into production - they were just for show.

Given how much we assumed it would cost, we kind of doubted the 85-inch version would ever sit on store shelves either, despite what Samsung said.

It turns out we were only half-wrong; Samsung announced Wednesday that the 85-inch S9 will become available for pre-order in the U.S. on later this month.

For all that screen real estate, you expect a price tag as the TV itself - try $39,999 on for size. This is not going to be a display for the masses.

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