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LG Infinia 47LW5600 47-Inch Cinema Great Value 3D HDTV

 Summary - This is a good buy if you are looking for an LED TV with 3D capabilities and the Internet. Background - the TV is mounted on the support on which a case with the media. The TV is located above the public replaces SA 5 years 40 "Sony LCD Bravida. If a TiVo HD and Blu Ray connected to Sony.Set-up - quick and easy. The manual is OK but not excellent. The video "Pro" set-up is a nice feature and get the image looks better in a hurry. HDMI output on the back of the TV at a right angle to the left rear. The positioning is not optimal, because HDMI cables tend to be rigid and sharp curves are not recommended. There is enough space to make the curve smooth and straighten the son, but relations are a must for more than one cable.
Stand - basic. Turning from right to left, but depending on the slope must be made. Read reviews about 3D for the explanation. A connector on the cable management support would also be nice to clean up the cables for those who can not be wall mounted.Image - crisp and clear. No motion artifacts. Higher than the Sony replaced it, but that was expected due to improved technology for the purchase of Sony. Sound - Good for ultra-thin TVs. If you are looking for sound quality, I recommend an amplifier and external speakers. For the normal mode, the noise is acceptable and the voices are clear.
3D Blu-ray - comparable to my love flicker-free 3D TV assets and associated problems. Although the image quality is not so high, I invite the viewer to understand the difference. As mentioned in other reviews, there is a spirit, if not the inclination of viewers directly to the. (A tilt stand would be a nice feature to be added for LG, but unfortunately, only the wheel!) Exit to the right side and on television, there is no deterioration of the 3D experience.2D to 3D - This television does a superior job of converting 2D into 3D. It seems to excel when the film has depth of field and the less action, but the overall experience is very good. Based on my prior experience with my Active 3D television, I expected far less and found this to be a compelling 3D experience. 
Internet TV - connect quickly and easily. Netflix has also been excellent. Buffer problems made me wish that the TV has received more local content such as streaming video. Web browsing was less than satisfactory and I have not found a useful experience with television is not always respond to commands from the remote. Applications are limited, and it made me wonder, why does not someone develop an Android-based TV or TV-based IOS so it can be more readily available Aps.
Magic Wand Remote Control - Think Wii to a TV. Similar to others, I found problems with the response from the remote and it works better when I was sitting right in front of the TV. I heard that the software can be used to further optimize the time and not look as product differentiation, and I would not buy this TV for the ability alone. Recommendation - I recommend this TV and I am satisfied with the purchase.
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