Monday, 30 January 2012

Samsung UN55D8000 Great 3D TV, Worth for Price

Thursday, September 29, 2011

I bought this 3D HDTV to replace my old 42" LCD Vizio that I bought 6 years ago. I did a lot of research online and decided it was either Sony or a Samsung based on recommendations of my friends and online guide. I went to my local electronics shop to see some of the televisions in action. Although we have seen in recent years the model of this HDTV. Even though beautiful, It have a black metal stand for my TV, so I though the money bezel thickness would stand out. I spoke with a colleague and I have said about the new 2011 model. A Once I saw this, I knew it was TV I wanted. I did a little shopping and found on Amazon had the best overall deal price . I was a bit skeptical about how to make a major purchase and order it online.

I've heard some complaints about the companies used to ship televisions. I must say that I had a good experience. The delivery was made in the first hour of my delivery appointment window. The box the TV was a bit damaged at the bottom, but nothing to worry about television was brought in and I about. My inspected and wow this thing is a work of art. also the delivery boys were setup, they had not yet seen the new model. The TV was a little cold to be kept in stock and on the truck so I put my everything and connected all the extras (home theater, Xbox 360, PS3, cable box, etc.) but I have no power connection in about two hours to leave TV and avoid heat damage.

Once I turned on, It was greeted with a simple and easy to follow installation and wireless network television. I read a poor review of this TV showing the LED backlight has been limited since the edges visible, and I agree. I do not see the source of the backlight at all. this is by far the most beautiful on the TV market. I will, however, had full range of LED backlighting rather than the dynamics of board.

My only complaint (if you can even call it that) is the remote. it is a bit heavy because of the full QWERTY on the back and I haven't been able to get the QWERTY side to sync with my TV, but continues to say no .. I would have liked to see the touch-screen remote that was included with the series before series 9000. But on the scale of this child. I have had this TV for a short period of time, but I highly recommend this TV, if it is within your budget.

With beautiful image, 3D, lots of HDMI, USB, WiFi and SmartTV from samsung is a great option for those who market high-end LED-LCD HDTV

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