Monday, 30 January 2012

My Vizio 32 Inch Passive 3D LCD TV


I have had this TV for a month now, even bought a Vizio 3D Blu-ray DVD. Before buying this TV I also got a 3D camera Aiptek digital camera (3D comes with an HDMI output), then for a month, I used the three elements together. I also bought five 3D BluRay discs, which I think are wonderful and very realistic. This TV also displays the 3D mode called SBS or side by side very well.

At work, we have several plasma screens on the wall for viewing the state in our department, etc. to manage a lot of heat and very close to the situation looks horrible, and they are burned in the images from computers that are connected. So I was a fan of LCD since they arrived years and would never buy a plasma set.

This TV uses passive 3D putting a mask on the screen to enter the polarization different on different horizontal lines on the screen. If you shine a flashlight on the television is turned off when the reflex is probably a rainbow-4-mask. This series uses the same 3D glasses as in the theater for many films (Real) and comes with two pairs. I noticed the ones that come with the television films are not as dark as sunglasses, I continued to cover ... Meatballs.

I can not find any difference between the 3D image of the game and my greatest 2D Samsung LCD series is about a year and a half. I would say that the DVD I've seen some 3D now, I would describe the images as stunning and extremely realistic. The difference between active and passive 3D shooting games should be slight because the "problem" is the active set are so small that you really need to watch out for her while watching most of the time.

The 3D viewing angle is a bit limited. You must be at or below the screen. The more you have the smallest TV in the display space. This type of projecting a 3D image in a cone that widens with distance, but at a height of 32 inches (approximately) can not be too far away from the observer. I use about two feet from my eyes and cover the entire sofa and beyond, so theoretically I could have 05/04 spectators at a time.

This TV must be set manually in 3D mode, when you present 3D content on the HDMI port. He is constantly scanning the entrance to make sure it still will return to 3D or 2D mode on its own. It only accepts 3D 3 HDMI ports, no other item, such as tuner, WiFi, or composite video inputs. This TV can detect one of three types of 3D signs and briefly put a dialog box on the screen to turn on the TV in 3D mode, which is done by pressing a button on the remote control in a few seconds or return to 2D mode. And the player who makes the 3D content in a HDMI port should be recognized by the TV as a 3D real source. So, even with 3D content can be downloaded online from SBS TV will not allow you to access the menus in 3D, unless the player is also in electronic form can shake hands with the TV and moving the handle 3D data by hand.

Do not be fooled to buy an HDMI cable for high prices, especially of Monster Cable, which is a total rip-off. A regular old cheapie HDMI cable works fine until you need a very long cable length.

From the middle of the current 3D cinema is still young, you will see scenes in films that make your eyes are like the muscles are drawn. I expect they will learn over time what works and what does not and solve this problem. Sometimes, the films tend to over-use "hit you" scenes, which have agreed to short bursts, not sustained or repeated, you will see today. Hopefully the weather will get better. This TV is good depth, but in my eyes / brain tricks jumping screen often causes discomfort to eye muscles.

Pros: for the money, it's about the best buy in a 3D TV at this time. Easy to control, I never read the manual. Simple set-up with a standard 95 cent HDMI cable to the 3D Blu-ray player was about all it takes. Wireless wifi for web apps built or more you can download. And the remote has a QWERTY keyboard on the back. Decent sound but no bass to speak of. Has optical output for sound from the HDMI ports and presumably from the tuner or any other input.

Cons: the TV is a bit slow to respond to changes from the remote. The TV is constantly watching for a lack of 3D input and is constantly trying to put itself back into 2D mode. It will not switch into 3D mode on it's own, you must push buttons on the remote to manually start that mode. This is important: it will ONLY accept 3D input from the HDMI ports, not from the internet or any other input. 3D input must be from a player device which can handshake with the TV or the 3D mode never enables.

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