Monday, 6 February 2012

Sony BRAVIA XBR-55HX929 More Than I Expected

Sony 55 inch is hard to always be surprised, after having spent nearly $3,000 on a TV, but TV is still just as impressed with me as the first time it is switched on. I was going to buy a new 3D in December 2010, almost a smudge UN46C7000 Samsung for the price of the day, before Chirstmas sweet ... Fortunately, I waited. I did the research as much as I did through the forums and electronic stores, but it is impossible to have a true sense of the ability of a TV without running their own content, so I really took a chance at the forefront of Sony to offer more competition sufficient to justify the price tag.

My first experience with this television, after the general meeting of the startup parameters, of course, threw on the legend of the Guardians 3D Blu-ray. It is not only the best 3D experience I've had so far, but the cinema experience easier than I ever had. Although the film has its flaws, the level of detail and fluidity of movement stunning 3D! And the film that show to show my friends what my 3D TV and you're really capable. I saw the first generation of Samsung 3D TV to the parent at home and I noticed a fair amount of ghosting, something I have not seen the current generation is the assembly, but is virtually nonexistent on Hx929. Bloom is a problem many have had with Sony LED for a while, but I have not personally experienced the same thing when I look at the corners. Another concern is that been put to rest was the response time of the game.

Gran Turismo 5, Killzone 3 and Crisis 3 seemed to be absolutely beautiful, and no noticeable delay or blur on the "Game Mode". I spent a few hours with the display settings fidling with other owners and CNET have posted, but found that I like the default "Standard" and "Vivid" more. As far as image quality is pure, is leaps and bounds better than my Samsung plasma, and provides greater clarity and deeper blacks than the rest of the series LEDs in 2011.

I did not use an Internet browser or a "widget", but my PS3 can perform most if not all, the TV can offer easier to navigate the XMB. I can not vouch for the TV audio is integrated, but I think it is disappointing as the loudspeakers of the TV shows these days. Anyone investing a lot of money in their home theater should take a slash at least decent. I have Pioneer VSX-1020-K Receiver with Sony front, side and rear (This is an incredible value!), And the whole package makes me miss my room when I'm in the movies.

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