Sunday, 5 February 2012

VIZIO 32 Inch Class : This is a 3D Game Changer

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Vizio 32-inch HDTV is a 3D first-class movie experience at home and very convenient for the first time setting. If you want to the 3D cinema experience at home this is best.

When you see 3D movie, you are given pair of passive 3D glasses. If you feel comfortable and lightweight glasses (like sunglasses), then take a pair to home (where permitted), because they work perfectly with the Vizio television series of passive 3D Theater (not active Battery 3D glasses). This is brilliant for Vizio, LG and others as to encourage viewers to get the same 3D experience at home and motivate thousands to look at this easy to use 3D Theater.

Passive 3D glasses: The Vizio 3D TV offers excellent 3D for a beautiful range of angles, and best of all, the passive 3D glasses are all the major theaters (Real D, IMAX 3D, Disney 3D, etc.) work perfectly with the Vizio 3D cinema experience without the need for batteries and 100% quality in 3D / effect adapted to passive 3D glasses included Vizio HDTV. This means that you can earn hundreds of glasses of theaters that allow you to take home (except Imax 3D). The advantage of this? The glasses light and easily fit over your glasses, the extremely low cost, easily replaceable, the whole family can see the cost of a 3D film for the family, able to tilt the head to the left / right to work in any so that you have provided, in line with the 3D.

I compared the Vizio 19 pounds Passive 32" and Sony Bravia active 3D HDTV 46" (in friend's house), and I can say that both look great. 5 ft is the suggested viewing distance, but you can have your face on the screen and still see 3D work if you prefer to get that close. Take a tape measure and you will see 4-5 feet is perfectly comfortable for most detail.

At this moment, I am two ft away from my 19-inch computer screen as I write this to give you the perspective that 5 ft 32-inch HDTV is not as far away as some might imagine. Less than 4 ft, you can receive a very thin film screen texture does not affect the 3D effect. Remember, this 32" Passive 3D image is 1080p that smaller than say a TV 50" LG 3D HDTV dislayed passive house at Best Buy. Better yet, liabilities Vizio offers a great 3D experience at the point of a brighter color shades are barely perceptible.

Downside is your head should be approximately centered in the middle of the screen at any distance of 4' and over, to get the best 3D effects with minimal ghosting, or as a 3D movie, no ghost at all. (Ghost image is the image is not completely hidden by the narrow lens of eye opposite. This happens even with 3D active).

3D Features: If you take pictures in 3D or 3D video made Side by Side, top-down, then you can easily see in 3D with Vizio TV Side by Side, high viewing options below. 3D provides the depth that the film or the photo was taken in only drawback is that I have not found an option to adjust the 3D effect with the Sony Bravia 3D, so if you have a topic very close to the point of view to better display the 5' as the eye can focus more easily on it. It really is not a problem.

TV Interface: The controller seems to be the only way to easily control all functions, so you do not break. Fortunately, it is sturdy, and rubber buttons respond well to each item. Batteries included.

TV Packaging: Available in a sturdy cardboard box, includes 1 pound medium TV, 19 pounds, 2 pairs of 3D glasses passive (such as theaters, you can also use the theater, 3D glasses, and get the exact same effect). Includes screwdriver, screws, instruction manuals, detachable power cord, etc.

Construction Quality TV: TV is a professionally designed, made of sturdy material and well put together. It also 3-inch thin side, and only 19 lbs.

TV performance: I counted 18 seconds for the image to displayed after pressing the power. A little slow, but the power of PS3 game or Blu Ray takes much longer in comparison. The performance is impeccable in this order. No problem, period. Also attracted $13 of energy per year if 5 hours of listening to a guide energy days.

PS3 performance: looks great with 3D games and 2D games on condition that the correct settings on the PS3. 3D Blu-ray looks great, including Resident Evil Afterlife 3D IMAX 3D, 3D Alice in Wonderland, etc. ..)

TV OPTIONS: Good selection of options and settings. Sound quality: This includes surround sound through multiple speakers of 32-inch. The sound is solid and well made, with nice bass and treble always looking for the ability to optimize the bass / treble, but also includes Internet connections ready. A lot of ports for HDMI (HDMI with regular work in 3D here), USB ports and USB flash drives, etc.

So it is (light passive glasses) 3D Theatre HDTV, the way to go? Absolutely. If you enjoy the 3D experience to cinemas, bringing pair of RealD 3D glasses to watch 3D on your new Vizio theater. The tide has finally turned with a Vizio 32" affordable 3D HDTV. Buy Now, I do not regret it.

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