Monday, 7 May 2012

Infinia 55LW5600 - Best For the price

I do not have 3D TV and when my Sony TV,started having problems, I decided that the next TV in my house to have a 3D TV.

I was not aiming Sharp Quantron 60" that I think it is a big screen to be satisfied, and 3D image quality is most important for me to buy 3D TV , some kind of monitor I choose Plasma first before LCD or LED. I think it works faster and sharper than for my room.

After that, I would choose the screen size for watching 3D content that is most suitable for my room. I see that Panasonic is the second between the active shutter glasses 3D and found that acceptable, but the issue of the glasses was not comfortable and too heavy for me. 3D images are available for the Samsung TV, but must be re-syncing active glasses if the connection is lost, I do not think that is better.

After that, I turned to look at that in the LG. The technology is Passive glasses, which I'm not sure how much the 3D content that is the way I want it. It would not hurt to try.

The answer is that it is the ultimate 3D experience I've ever touched. I stand about 6 feet away from the screen of the IMAX film is a film about fishing underwater. Oh, it's realistic, it emerged that half of it going. I try to notice for details of the fish and its movements. I can not believe that it is really clear and realistic. It makes me wonder and think that 3D TV from LG is good too.

After the test. I have not bought it at the right. I came back to find more information from the internet for cheapest price, I found that Amazon's price are the best price to buy it (Need to look at time). So I decided to buy on Monday with free shipping deals for Thursday, when it comes the employees setting up about 15 minutes to install it.

After that, I was excited to use it, starting with the picture quality really is better than when I went to the store. By that I do not need to configure anything. For  use with Blu-Ray is not that looks better than my old Sony TV. It is 1080i/1080p content looks good for SDTV it looks better than I ever see from an LED or LCD TV.

Then I try to play the 2D-to-3D function of HD channels and SD Blu-Ray Disc, it is great. I've never seen anything like this. For who are choosing to buy a 3D TV screen size is about 55-60 inches, I recommend the LG Infinia LW5600 this version, that does not disappoint.

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