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Toshiba 46WX800U is perfect 3D LED TV

I've been 46WX800U on two days ago and when turn it on It has a very clear picture looks better than my old DLP 61". It looks realistic, colorful images perfect to use 3D glasses with 3D content, it works very well. Xbox 360 is simply amazing, and a new freshness to all games, especially Black Ops. It also tried a regular DVD, the best up convert to 1080p I have ever seen. I have no complaints.

Price for value:
I'm not someone who jumps at things with newest features; I wait for when the prices come down a bit and features are more stable. But when this TV was offered with free 3D starter and Blue-ray DVD player, it just did it for me. I totally think it is worth it.

I was impressed that all of the items arrived faster than scheduled, but sending them all together would have been better. They arrived at different times and you need to be home for TV to sign, but not the other ones. They just left DVD player (in rain!) without even bothering to ring the door bell. Luckily, I have a security camera that sends me Email when someone comes to my door and I picked it up quickly (isn't that cool?).

Size, look, setup:
All perfect and easy here. I setup it up alone, but it's a bit heavy and 2 people would be safer. I was in market for 55", but the bundle was not offered with that one and I went down to 46" with some reservations. That was a good decision; the size is good enough for my family room; they all look smaller in the stores with so many large TVs. It's an edge-lit LED (not back-lit) and the bright LED TV you see in store is just a marketing mode. But I already knew this and wasn't that surprized.

Internet TV:
Initially, I thought this feature is redundant bcz the DVD player does the job. But without a doubt this is the coolest feature for me so far. It comes already setup to work with yahoo widgets such as weather or news and also youtube videos. You can customize and constant access to say weather for your favorite locations. However, here is also when I took one star off: the wireless receiver is pretty weak. I have 4 laptops at every corner of my house with good reception, so it must be the TV. SW upgrades are already available, but it failed to download 3 times until i moved my wireless router right next to the TV from office. I need to take the router back to office, so i have to settle with intermittent internet connection. Bummer, and here goes one star! Hope DVD player has a better wireless reception. Bottom line you might need a wireless signal booster if your TV is far from your router.

I haven't got to test this yet, bcz i don't have a 3D movie yet. Would it kill you to throw a low-end 3D disk in the bundle? Now I have to write to Santa, so someone gives me a 3D movie just to test my bundle:-)

Excellent deal! I have never spent this much time with a new TV.
Cons: weak wifi reception -> may need a signal booster ($60-$70)
Pros: everything else.

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